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Welcome families from Ss. Cyril & Methodius and Our Lady of Providence! Thank you for joining us virtually on Zoom, and in-person for school tours. This page is dedicated to answering questions unique to your communities.

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Events for families of OLP and SSCM

  • Meet and Greet at SSCM for Families: Monday, May 3rd, 4:30 – 7:00 PM
  • Meet and Greet at OLP for Families: Tuesday, May 4th, 4:30 – 7:00 PM
  • Small Group Meetings with Parents – To be scheduled
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the schools being combined? Why will my children have to move campuses?2021-05-06T18:19:56+00:00

The Upper / Lower School concept is a unique solution to continue Catholic education on two campuses where schools have struggled with enrollment and financial stability. The Morning Star Initiative team and the Department of Education have made this decision in consultation with the pastors of each parish in order to set the stage for expanding educational offerings in Suffolk county. We understand that this might be a tricky transition for some families, but our goal is ultimately to provide high quality Catholic education to as many students as possible in the region.

Who will lead this new school?2021-05-06T20:57:41+00:00

Dr. Valerie Serpe will serve as head of school responsible for leading both campuses. Each campus will have a school leader on-site every day. About Dr. Valerie

Who will teach at the school next year?2021-05-06T18:19:56+00:00

Our Lady of Guadalupe is working to build the best possible faculty to serve your students. We hope to welcome back many of the great educators from Our Lady of Providence and Saints Cyril and Methodius. We will interview any current teacher who is interested in working at OLG. All candidates will be considered based on their ability to meet the needs of OLG students and positions will be filled based on qualifications and capabilities.

Will my older children be expected to join a dual language program after starting their education in a traditional Catholic or public school setting where classes are primarily in English?2021-05-06T18:19:56+00:00

Only Nursery and Pre-K students will experience the full immersion dual-language program next year. This program will grow to serve an additional grade each year following. Older students will be able to participate in strong world languages programs, but no student will be suddenly dropped into a dual language program.

Where will my children go to school next year?2021-05-06T18:19:56+00:00

For the 2021-22 School Year, Kindergarten-4th grade children will stay at their respective buildings while all 5th – 8th graders are served at the campus of Saints Cyril and Methodious. We are excited to offer for the first time a nursery and pre-k program at the Central Islip and the Deer Park campus. New families in lower grades can choose the campus which will serve them best next year, but are encouraged to consider the impact of additional school building moves.

What do I do about transportation?2021-05-06T18:19:55+00:00

All current Saints Cyril and Methodious students and OL Providence students entering K-4th grade will remain on their respective campuses next year; there is no need to contact your district.

Families with students from OL Providence entering 5th-8th grade should contact their local school district to request a transportation change. Please note, the transportation deadline has been extended for NY State until May 19th.
Families who are facing challenges in arranging district-provided transportation are encouraged to reach out to the DRVC Department of Education.

The distance between where I live and the campus that will serve my student is much longer than it was with both schools operating as N-8 schools. What options do I have to make this more manageable?2021-05-06T18:19:55+00:00

Families are entitled under state law to receive bussing from their local school district, you are encouraged to exercise this right with your school district by submitting transportation requests annually. While we recognize that the location of the dual campus school may not be as geographically convenient for all parents, we hope that the extended school day and free aftercare will ease parents transportation and child care concerns overall.

What if I don’t want to take my kids to separate schools?2021-05-06T18:19:55+00:00

Parents with older children who are moving to the campus at Saints Cyril and Methodious are welcome to enroll their younger students on this campus for SY21/22, however, they should be aware that all students grades K-4 will be on the campus of OL Providence the following year. Parents are encouraged to consider whether additional campus transfers are in the best interests of their children.

Is OLG focusing on serving Spanish speaking families?2021-05-06T18:19:55+00:00

Diversity has long added to the educational experience of students at both Our Lady of Providence and Saints Cyril and Methodious schools. Our Lady of Guadalupe seeks to provide an excellent learning environment for all families. Research has shown that dual language programs increase cognitive capacity and critical thinking skills, and lead to improved academic achievement while boosting social and emotional well-being in and out of the classroom. The Dual-Language program will provide all students with a competitive edge for future academic and career opportunities.

Why is the Diocese investing Our Lady of Guadalupe while other schools close?2021-05-06T18:19:55+00:00

The unfortunate closure of several Parish schools this year was driven by local parish financial circumstances and not dictated by the Diocese. Families from the closing schools in SW Nassau have the opportunity to attend many excellent Catholic schools within a short distance. In Suffolk County, Our Lady of Guadalupe will be located in an area otherwise not well-served by Catholic elementary schools.

What if I prefer to enroll my student in another Catholic school?2021-05-06T18:19:55+00:00

Parents are welcome to consider all Catholic school options in the area. We highly recommend that parents wait for all relevant information on investments and opportunities at Our Lady of Guadalupe before making the decision to enroll at a different school.

What does an extended day and block scheduling mean for my children?2021-05-18T22:18:18+00:00

An extended day academic day allows more time for longer blocks (1 hour or more) of core subjects English, Math, and Religion without reducing class time for other subjects. This allows for more in-depth, personalized learning experiences which have been shown to improve understanding and academic performance.

  • West Campus: 7:50 AM – 3:00 PM
  • East Campus: 8:00 AM-2:50 PM
How much does Tuition Cost? What does Tuition include?2021-05-06T18:19:55+00:00

The Our Lady of Guadalupe tuition schedule can be found at the bottom of this page. Tuition is standardized across both campuses and includes early drop-off and after school enrichment programs which run until 6:00pm. This tuition includes registration and materials. Our Lady of Guadalupe will not charge additional fees.

What if I need help paying for my children’s Catholic Education?2021-05-06T18:19:55+00:00

Eligible families who have applied for the support of Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation will remain eligible for support at Our Lady of Guadalupe. If you are a current OL Providence or Saints Cyril and Methodious Family, and you anticipate difficulties paying tuition due to the changes in tuition rate, you will be able to apply for additional need-based financial assistance after you have received your award notice from Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation.

One of the things we love about Catholic school is the small class sizes, how many students will be served by Our Lady of Guadalupe?2021-05-06T18:19:55+00:00

Our Lady of Guadalupe plans to offer excellent academics and instruction and a strong sense of community which will help the school grow to serve a larger student body. Depending on enrollment and the needs of the student body we will increase the number of teachers in order to provide a strong academic experience including core academics and enrichment opportunities.

What kind of extracurriculars will Our Lady of Guadalupe Offer?2021-05-06T18:19:55+00:00

Our Lady of Guadalupe is prioritizing quality Art, Music, and Technology teachers who will support the development of after school programming in each subject. Charity is one of OLG’s core values, community Service will be a critical part of the in-school and after school experience at OLG. We are excited to expand opportunities for middle school sports. We want to hear from you about the types of activities that you see as most valuable to your family, so please reach out and share your recommendations.

Will my student be required to wear a uniform?2021-05-06T18:19:55+00:00

Yes, we are working with Ideal Uniform to create new uniforms for Our Lady of Guadalupe. We are working to keep these uniforms as affordable as possible. Once we have finalized uniform design, we will send a link for uniform ordering to all registered families. We expect to share this information by June.

My student has an IEP and receives support services from the local district, will this continue at Our Lady of Guadalupe?2021-05-06T18:19:55+00:00

Yes, Our Lady of Guadalupe will work with local districts to make sure that students with IEPs who need individualized support receive all possible supports.

What will the food at the school be?2021-05-06T18:19:54+00:00

On the OLP campus we are working with the current cook and food provider to maintain quality food at a low cost for families. We will work to have a similar program at SSCM. There will be more details to come regarding food program.


Support and considerations are offered for current families of SSCM & OLP. Be sure to review the details at Minute 33:00 from our Zoom conference.

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