Vision Statement

On a Mexican hillside in 1531, the Blessed Mother appeared to Juan Diego to task him with building a church among his people so that she might know their hearts, see their tears, console them, and bring them peace.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School builds upon the inspirational narrative of St. Juan Diego in imagining a just, inclusive, and compassionate educational community focused on faithfully leading each child toward a future filled with great hope and prosperity. Compelled by a world in need of transformational change, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School humbly accepts the charge to nurture the next generation of saints and disciples on fire with the Holy Spirit and living out Mary’s mission of mercy and compassion.

Always Our Mother, Always Your Children.

Mission Statement

The community of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School joyfully invites all families on an educational journey focused on rigorous academics and infused with the Gospel imperatives of faith, hope, and charity. Our mission is one of welcome, calling all children to encounter Jesus in their daily lives through meaningful acts of service to those most in need within our local communities. Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School students will be cherished as beloved children of God and challenged to harness their strengths and talents to become the people that God created them to be.

Our Inspiration

The miraculous appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Juan Diego on the hill of Tepeyac in December of 1531 is the foundational experience for the Catholic faith in the Americas. The Mother of Jesus, who hurried into the hill country of Judea to visit her cousin Elizabeth, comes to her children of a new world with an urgent message. She comes as a beautiful woman clothed with the sun and radiant with the stars, yet she greets Juan Diego by his name, in his own language. She asks Juan to be her messenger so that a church may be built where she may show her love for all her children: “Here I will demonstrate, I will show, I will give all my love, my compassion, my help and my protection to the people. I am your merciful mother, the merciful mother of all of you who live united in this land, and of all mankind, of all those who love me, of those who cry to me, of those who seek me, of those who have confidence in me. Here I will hear their weeping, their sorrow, and will remedy and alleviate all their multiple sufferings, necessities and misfortunes.”

When Juan Diego carried Our Lady’s message to the local bishop, he asked for a sign from the Lady. Early on the morning of December 12, 1531, she fulfilled the bishop’s request with two miracles whose powerful meaning redounds almost 500 years later. First, she directed Juan to climb to the top of the craggy, dry hill and gather the blossoms he would find there. These unexpected blossoms on a barren hilltop, these fragrant roses vibrant in color and bright with morning dew were a sign of flourishing new life recognizable both to the bishop and the native people. The Lady herself arranged the flowers in Juan’s tilma, the humble cloak woven of the local cactus fibers. When Juan opened the tilma to share the roses with the bishop and his council, an even greater sign appeared: the image of the Lady as she had appeared to him at Tepeyac. The bishop fell to his knees and exclaimed: “Hail Mary, full of grace.”

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School derives its name and its inspiration from this encounter. Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School aspires to be built in Mary’s honor and in her image of compassion and concern for all her children. Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School seeks to be a beautiful home where children can flourish and blossom. Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School intends to be a center of evangelization for children and their families, steeped in the best traditions of Catholic education yet responsive to new times and situations.

“I am always your mother,” Our Lady of Guadalupe assures us, and “you are always my children.”

Valerie Serpe, Ph.D.

Catholic education is my life. I was fortunate to be educated by the Sisters of Mercy at Maria Regina Elementary School in Seaford, St. Rose of Lima in Massapequa, and Our Lady of Mercy Academy High School in Syosset. After receiving a BA in French Language and Literature from The University of Virginia, I completed a Master of Arts in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from New York University and proceeded to teach in public schools prior to returning home to Catholic education as an early child educator at St. Rose of Lima in Massapequa.

As a life-long learner, woman of faith, and researcher into sustainability for Catholic education in the United States, I attended Fordham University at Lincoln Center and completed a Master of Arts in Administration and Supervision and a Ph.D. in the same with a concentration in Catholic School Leadership. The topic of my dissertation, Latinos in N-12 Catholic Education: A Study of Customer Satisfaction, was inspired by my daily work as the principal at St. Thomas the Apostle Elementary School in West Hempstead. I am excited to continue my vocation in support of Catholic education with the knowledge supported by the findings of my research – that all families, Latino and non-Latino alike, highly value their experiences in Catholic schools within the Diocese of Rockville Centre and desire active participation in the education of their children.

With gratitude to the inspired vision of Bishop John Barres, the Diocese of Rockville Centre Education Department, and the Morning Star Initiative, I am humbled to serve as the academic and spiritual leader to the Our Lady of Guadalupe School community and to partner with families in building a new, exciting, and sustainable model of Catholic education on Long Island.

Favorite Quote:

In order to dialogue, it is necessary to know how to lower the defenses, open the doors of the house, and offer human warmth.” — Pope Francis


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K-8 Catholic Rate
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K-8 Non-Catholic Rate
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3 Children
Nursery & Pre-K Rate
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5 Full Days